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Friday, June 12, 2009

Temptations Friday

I always loved the American anthem. Just because it is a beautiful piece of music. But sung by The Tempts, it turns into a piece of glory itself. Only one note on the side: the guy (whatever his name is), who is chewing his gum like a grazing cow while listening, deserves a kick in the butt!

If there's one song that may be considered representing The Temptations' music, it is My Girl. I cherish this version of the hit because it is the most authentic version I've seen/heard so far. Sing David! Singgggggggg!

Here comes Eddie, the man with the soul-warming falsetto voice.

Elegant as a group can be! Dancing, singing -- everything with style and class.

Of all the various groupings that constituted what I call the "post real Temptations" Temptations this one was an outstanding formation. Having a lead singer like Ali-Ollie Woodson was the best thing that happened to Otis Williams (co-founder and sole surving member of the original Temptations.)

Enjoy a very temptationing Friday!

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