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Monday, October 18, 2010

AudioBlog#14: Lyin' and Cheatin'

There must be umpteen thousands of Lyin‘ and Cheatin’ songs. That leaving me wondering why this is such a prominent subject in music. It’s certainly not because lying to and cheating on someone you love is a pleasurable experience for either one involved. (Well -- save a few instances where it is a matter of self-gratifying abusive lying.)  In most cases lying to the one you love serves two rather trivial purposes: protecting oneself from the repercussions of wrongdoing and/or protecting someone you love from being hurt by finding out about one’s wrongdoing ... Of course, between these two poles, there are myriads of reasons, all tinted by the individual case and personality of those who lied and those who were lied to. 
In today’s AudioBlog, I attempted to illustrate  -- through each song -- some of the  different scenarios, in which such lies may occur.


The Players -- Why Did I Lie?
Wilson Pickett -- What Good Is A Lie?
Lou Johnson -- Don’t Play That Song (You Lied)
Carla Thomas -- Lie To Keep Me From Crying
Ivory Joe Hunter -- Don’t You Believe Him
Johnny Adams -- Hell Yes, I Cheated
Bobby Boesman -- Cheaters Never Win

1 comment:

Soultaker said...

Thank You for the Carla Thomas song. Beautiful Set. You know one person who I would consider the King of these types of songs would be Johnnie Taylor. He has many songs on this subject.