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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back When Singers Were Still Singing: Freddie North

Nashville vocalist Freddie North was a prolific disc jockey on WLAC during the years that it was a premier R&B radio station. North also worked in sales and promotion for Nashboro Records, a prominent gospel label. He moved into the performing end in 1971, cutting some singles for Mankind. "She's All I Got" was a Top 10 hit in 1971, while the follow-up, "You And Me Together Forever," made it to #26. (allmusic)

Since there is not much written material about Freddie available, I'll stick to posting his songs. The man had a marvelous voice!

The Hurt
You And Me Together
My Whole World Ended (David Ruffin's version may be better known)
Cuss The Wind

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