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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lee Fields "The Only One Loving You"

From Lee's latest album My World (2009) is this track. I love Lee Fields because he's got lots of soul in his voice -- just as I remember it from the 70's.

The Only One Loving You

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Escorts "Let Love Walk Into Your Heart"

The Escorts started their singing career in the early 70's on a somewhat different note, so to speak, than other groups: They began recording from prison. It all started when a group of prisoners at Rahway Prison in New Jersey "used to get together and sing all the time" as stated by original member Reggie Haynes. According to Haynes, the group didn't care much for basketball -- the other prisoners' main passtime activity.  During a prison inmates variety show, which was organized by singer Linda Jones  whose brother was incarcerated at Rahway Prison, producer George Kerr discovered the group. Kerr began working with the group, ignoring all the "can't do it" comments his idea had sparked.
' "Kerr persisted in his mission and five hundred letters and two years later, a mobile recording truck pulled up outside Rahway Prison.  "I did some research and found out that it cost about $964 to house an inmate and that if the authorities let me record them, they could pay for themselves," says Kerr. "I went before the Superintendent of Prisons in Washington DC and explained that to them.  It took a lot of work but they eventually gave me permission to record The Escorts."' (
The group recorded two albums. The song I'm posting today is taken from Soulful Thangs Vol. 7

Let Love Walk Into Your Heart

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tower Of Power "Time Will Tell", "Willing To Learn"

Today's post is from yet another Greatest Hits compilation. I'm not exactly a fan of The Tower of Power's, and besides their excellent So Very Hard To Go, I didn't play too much of their music. I don't care much for the horns; they sound a bit too much like a jazz orchestra.   
Looking for something to post today, I just came across these two titles by Tower of Power, however, and I do like them ...  

Time Will Tell

Willing To Learn

Sunday, September 27, 2009

"My Girl" The Blues Busters

Alright! For anyone who doesn't know by now: I am a big Temptations fan -- and even a bigger David Ruffin fan. So, whenever I hear a cover of their My Girl, I simply have to post it. It is a masterpiece of music. Written by Smokey Robinson and perfectly arranged by paul Riser,the song manages to spell L O V E all over without even using the letters. 

It is hard for any artist to cover such a smash hit without being waved aside although somecovers are not bad at all. One of the nicer ones is by the Blues Busters. They keep things simple and don't even attempt to impress their listeners -- which is not only a good thing but also a smart thing to do.

My Girl, The Blues Busters

Friday, September 25, 2009

"You'll Lose A Good Thing" Reggae version by Audrey Hall

"Hall began her career singing with Dandy Livingstone in the duo Dandy & Audrey.[1] They recorded the song "Morning Side of the Mountain" in 1969, the success of which led to an album of the same name.[1] They released a second album on the Trojan label, I Need You. Livingstone also produced Hall's early solo recordings for his Downtown label.[2] Hall worked as a backing singer through much of the 1970s and early 1980s alongside her sister Pam, including on Jimmy Cliff's Give The People What They Want, and Peter Tosh's Mama Africa,[3] but she made a comeback as a solo artist in 1985 with "One Dance Just Won't Do", an answer record to Beres Hammond's "What One Dance Can Do", produced by Donovan Germain, which took her into the UK top 20.[4] This was followed up by "Smile" in 1986, which repeated her chart success and gave her her biggest hit, and "The Best Thing For Me". In 1986, she returned to recording duets, with "Heart Made of Stone" and the album Dynamic Duo, recorded with former Paragon Don Evans.[1] She continued to work with Germain, recording for his Germain and Penthouse labels, and released the album Reggae Zones in 2001."  (Wikipedia)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Bagful of Staxies!

It looks as if Fall had finally made it to San Antonio! But Fall wouldn't feel right without some candle light and soft music. Can't go wrong with some Staxies -- so, I'll post some of my favorite Stax-Volt Single tracks.

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Fall Season!

Crying All By Myself -- William Bell
Stay, Baby, Stay -- Johnny Daye
If We Can't Be Lovers -- Phillip Mitchell

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Geater Davis "A Sad Shade of Blue", "Long Cold Winter"

This voice is right after my taste: rough, gritty with a touch of velvet. The two tracks I am posting today are heavily slanted towards the Blues. I'll post them on my Soul blog because Geater Davis is Soul through and through.

Geater was born in Texas in 1946. Most of his recordings have been made in the early seventies. He not only wrote/co-wrote much of his material, but also played guitar and was producing.
Unfortunately, lady luck was not on his side, and despite his soulful singing and many ear-pleasing songs, his music never sold well.
He died of a heart attack at only 38 years of age.

The songs posted are from a 2 CD compilation: Geater Davis, The Lost Soul Man (2005).

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Apologies

I'm sorry for the messy posts: different fonts etc. I have no clue how this is happening. I'm just hoping that it will disappear somehow ...

Monday, September 21, 2009

J. J. Barnes -- Another Underrated Singer With An Extraordinary Voice

Here is one excellent vocalist who has -- hereabouts -- been waiting in vain for the recognition he deserves. What a shame! J. J. Barnes's voice resembles Marvin Gaye's, and in my opinion, he sounds best on such ballads like Time Is Love and I Just Make Believe (I'm Touching You). His most popular recordings, though, are typical Northern Soul titles like Baby, Please Come Back Home and Sweet Cherry.
You Are Just A Living Doll has been sampled by Raekwon, which I found out through ((sawyer)) once again. Thanks!
The "bonus track" You Owe It To Yourself (part 1) is from his 1973 album Born Again.
For an informative interview with the artist, please visit TheHookandSling blog.

James Jay Barnes was born in 1943 in Detroit, Michigan. After a rather productive, but little successful, career with various American labels, he followed an invitation by Edwin Starr to come to the UK to perform. The shows turned out to be successful, and J. J. was signed to the British label Contempo records.
He has become a favorite British Northern Soul artist, performing live in England frequently.

Time Is Love

I Just Make Believe (I'm Touching You)

You Are Just A Living Doll

Bonus: You Owe It To Yourself (Part 1)

If you'd like to get compilation of J. J. Barnes's material to start a collection of his music, I would recommend the Soul Twins album.
Now, is there anyone else who's as impressed with the man as I am?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sugar Pie DeSanto

More about the lady later.

Jimmy Jackson "(Can't Live) Without You"

(l.: Jimmy Jackson, Album cover, Rollin' Dice)

A long while ago I found a wonderful cover of Without You -- the famous Nilsson song. But -- I didn't know who the singer was. Finally, I found out who he is -- or rather what his name is. Unfortunately, I couldn't dig up any info on this outstanding artist.

Ever since I've heard this version, I loved it. And I mean loved it! Just listen to it, and you'll understand why. Jimmy Jackson's delivery of the classic love song is quite intense, and if you ever have lost someone you loved, you know that this is how it looks inside someone facing a tremendous loss.

Without You live version by Nilsson

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Futures "Love Will Be Around", "Love Lives On A Windy Hill"

The Futures are one of the most underrated vocal harmony group, if not the most underrated one. Love Will Be Around Forever from their 1975 Castles In The Sky album is a piece of art, both in regard to singing and arrangement. (Harry McGilberry of Temptations fame can be heard in the background.) Please see this post for more music of The Futures.
Love Lives On A Windy Hill (Castles In The Sky) is very special to me, and no other song has ever been on repeat as often as this gem.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Howlin' Wolf "Sitting On Top Of The World" live 1974

Mein Gott -- ich bin total ausser mir. Habe ich doch tatsaechlich einen YouTube clip vom Wolf gefunden, den ich noch nicht kenne. Und wer sich den Clip ansieht, der muss gestehn, dass Howlin' Wolf kaum zu uebertreffen ist.

Hier ist die Version des songs von Wolfs Album "Live and Cooking at Alice's Revisited"

"Something Beautiful" Seventh Wonder, "Something Good" Hodi Boys, "Something You Got" Tyrone Davis

Until I'm settled in my own house again, after a wonderful, wonderful trip to Germany, I'll give you a few somethings. How come I decided on song titles with the word something? They just popped up in my playlist -- and I happened to like a few tracks.

"Something Beautiful" Seventh Wonder,
"Something Good" Hodi Boys,
"Something You Got" Tyrone Davis
"Something Is Worrying Me" Otis Redding

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hey You All!

I'm just stopping by to say hi from Germany! I'll be back with new music in a few days. Until then, please enjoy the music from the archive.

See you soon!