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I am a leftover of the seventies: part flower child, part feminist, part daydreamer — and I love both what and who I am. I am grateful for the good that life has to offer; and I accept the bad that is part of living too.
My life rests on four pillars providing me with strength and happiness: love, nature, music, and literature.
To make sure that I won’t run out of a nice song to sing, I keep blogging away, posting the songs that were a part of my life when I was as young and lighthearted as I never will be again. Hearing these songs again brings back a touch of that old magic that defined the 60′s and 70′s. I consider myself lucky having been young during that era.
The other reason why I invest so much time into this blog thing is simply to preserve the music of the 60′s and 70′s. I want to keep the music playing so that it won’t disappear into oblivion. I want the artists to be remembered for their contribution to a era that will forever be remembered for the most contradictory reasons: There was that  war — bitterly fought — but senseless. There was a movement that showed the world the power of the most beautiful flower: love. There were courageous women fighting for their rights, and there were those who tirelessly fought for civil rights to be all inclusive. There was domestic terrorism in my home country, illustrating what cruelties young minds gone mad with the wish to change society were capable of inflicting on humans. But there also was Woodstock!
What more could it possibly  take to make these days unforgettable? Well, one more thing maybe. And that would be meeting your soulmate on a Saturday night while hanging out at your favorite disco!
Much love and happiness to all of you