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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yours Until Tomorrow -- Irma Thomas / Vivian Reed

Which one of these two versions do you like better?

You may cast your vote in the sidebar poll box (poll closed on 12/7)

Irma Thomas

Poll results: 50% Irma Thomas, 50% Vivian Reed

Vivian Reed

James Carr -- You Hurt So Good

There are not many voices as soulful as that of James Carr. This is Soul through and through: horns, background vocals, guitar ...

Get his albums here. Btw., rest assured that the 5-star ratings really mean 5 star-quality. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Joe Medwick -- As Long As There Is Life / Brought Down

Monday is the perfect day for a deepie. Today's pick is by Joe Medwick, a singer with  an impressive voice, capable of adapting to a variety of genres. While As Long As There Is Life is without any doubt a deepie, Brought Down is rather funky. Joe delivers both songs, proving he's at home in both genres.
He was also a highly talented songwriter and wrote many songs for Bobby Blue Bland, for example, for which he never was credited.

The tracks are from I'm An After Hour Man a 1999 re- release of the original record (EDSEL.) Get it! You'll love the CD. 

For an in-depth bio of Joe Medwick please go to Sir Shambling's website.

Enjoy! (DivShare is not working at this time -- will provide link later) 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reggae Sunday at SOTS

The Rulers - Wrong 'Em Boyo
John Holt  -- I Want You Closer
The Gladiators -- Good Good Loving
Desmond Dekker -- Father Noak 
Duke Reid -- Psychedelic Reggae

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Danny Johnson -- How Could You Run Away

I don't know much about this artist, and I am wildly guessing when I say I think this is Danny Johnson from the Chi-Lites. Does anyone have a clue? 
The track is from one of Scavanjah's fantastic Souldies compilations.

Around 1:04, the background vocals are of such a beauty that they sound almost angelic ... 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Bag Full Of Thank You's

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


Max Romeo -- Thank You Lord
Donny Hathaway/June Conquest  -- I Thank You
Randy Brown -- Thank You For The Happiness
Wilson Williams -- I Have A Whole Lot To Be Thankful For
George Jackson -- I Just Wanna Thank You

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gwen and George McCrae -- The Rub / Let Your Love Do The Talkin'

Who would have thought that the McCraes did something as funky as this? Certainly not me. These tracks are from their album Together (RCA Schallplatten, Germany, 1975) And don't you think that Gwen is stealing the show? She has such a sexy voice ... 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ollie Nightingale -- I'm In Love

I always loved this song -- and my unrivaled favorite version is the one with Wilson Pickett. Wilson's powerful delivery  never fails to make my heart beat a little faster. But when I heard Ollie's version, I got gooseflesh, too. Ollie sure puts a huge portion of emotions into this song.
You'll find the song on his album Sweet Surrender (Pride, 1973) -- available as CD 

The great Wilson Pickett, live 

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Moments -- Sunday

From their first album Not On The Outside  (Billy Brown, lead)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Soultaker's Treasure Chest: No Words Needed

Posted by Soultaker

I hope everyone is doing ok as we approach holiday madness. It's been awhile since I posted due to that thing call real life getting in the way.

I'm a person that is considered laid back by most that know me. Never too outspoken unless it's a rant about the current music that is out there now a days, but I digress. That being said, I decided to throw together a little set called No Words Needed. Just some good feeling instrumental soul music.

1. Ramones – Soultrain - Rampage
2. Booker T. & The M.G.’s – The Horse - Stax
3. The Deacons – Sock It To Me Part 1 - Shama
4. The Whitefield Brothers – In The Raw – Soul Fire/Now Again
5. The Nite-Liters – Tanga Boo Gonk – RCA/Victor
6. The Meters – Hey! Last Minute – Josie
7. Kool & The Gang – Rated X – De-Lite
8. The Budos Band – Rite Of The Ancients – Daptone
9. Jr. Walker & The All-Stars – Hot Cha – Soul

Reggae Sunday at SOTS

SOTS Sundays belong to Reggae


Ernie Freeman --- Live It Up
The Skatalites -- Latin Goes Ska
Roy Bennett -- I Dangerous
Dave Barker -- Loneliness


Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Ebonys -- Mr. Me , Mrs. You

The Ebonys will forever be remembered for their unforgettable Forever -- a song I can listen to all day long without ever tiring of hearing it. Of course, what makes that song so attractive is the raw, emotional, gritty lead voice. And I believe it's exactly this distinct lead voice that keeps the song from becoming kitschy. Well ... The Ebonys were not very successful, and there's actually only one other song, You're The Reason Why, that achieved similar recognition than Forever; it climbed to #10 on the R'nB charts in 1971.

You're The Reason Why, (Ebonys, PIR 1971)

The pick of today is a song from their second album, Sing About Life (Buddah, 1976.) It's not a song that could be described as exceptional, but it is a nice Philly tune ... And yours ol' Raggedy likes it a lot. 

Friday, November 19, 2010


Is there anything more beautiful in this whole wide world than a sunny and cool fall afternoon? I can't imagine. Life is simply good -- and, of course, yours old Raggedy has to enhance it all by adding some simply good music to such a day.


The Originals -- Red Sails In The Sunset (Baby, I'm For Real, 1969)
The Montclairs -- Beggin' Is Hard To Do
New Birth -- How Will I Live (Behold The Mighty Army, Warner Bros., 1977)
The Moments -- I Feel So Good Again (Look At Me, Stang, 1975)
The Dells -- Soul Strollin' (Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation, Cadet, 1973)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Haze -- I Do Love My Lady (rare, obscure)

This title is from a 1974 album by a group that had been forgotten for decades. One day, a lucky vinyl collector DJ got her hands on it -- and voila! Here is a beautiful track from a resurrected album. 

If you'd like to read the whole story, please go here.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jimmy Radcliffe -- Feels Like Lovin' (unreleased)

There's a whole lot of talk about Jimmy's Long After Tonight Is Over, and I agree that song is great, but I didn't fall in love with it at first listen. It was Feels Like Lovin' that made my heart skip a beat or two. (Such precious gems are to be found on Barry's Vintage Soul Radio Show)

You'll find a detailed bio. about the artist at Barry Fowden's Soul Cellar archives.

Long After Tonight Is Over

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Temprees -- I'm For You, You're For Me

I have already posted about The Temprees here. But I don't think it can be wrong to share more than one song by a group or an artist. Especially, if that song is one of these i-tunes titles that make you listen up as soon as they start playing.

Have a happy Monday everyone!
(If it's not happy yet  -- just make it happy!)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reggae Sunday

Are You Ready? Are You Ready

Here comes another Reggae Sunday at SOTS


Soulful -- Big L
Crystal Ball -- Peter Tosh
My Girl -- Lee Perry/Upsetters

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lou Rawls "Your Good Thing"

Lou Rawls is perhaps the quintessential R&B artist. Although he is probably most remembered for his time with Philly International, Lou was an established artist long before he found wide fame and acceptance with Gamble and Huff. See his full history Lou Rawls Bio
I didn't know that he had a 4 octave range, wow. I think of him as a superb baritone who's phrasing and legendary sound is immediately recognized and is unsurpassed in the music industry.
This is a song released 1969 that I absolutely love "Your Good Thing" Listen to the pathos and earnestness that Lou conveys.

If you would like to hear it on your computer Click here

Friday, November 12, 2010

Additional Serving -- 70's Greats live

Yesterday, I was listening to so much Philly Sound I woke up with kind of a hangover this morning ... At least that's how it felt. So, I eased the pain with another dose of TSOP -- and here is a clip I found while I was rummaging YouTube for more and more and more  of my favorite sound.

Syl Johnson -- Come On Home

Syl Johnson, one of the most versatile soulmen, has just recently released a box set that has fans celebrate his music with a dedication and fervor rarely seen before. That they do comes as no surprise to me: Syl combined the best qualities of blues and soul and R'nB in one and the same person.
Today's pick is from his 1975 album, Total Explosion (London Records.) 

You have to watch this one!
The man himself unpacking the box set

Thursday, November 11, 2010



In The Mood (Instrumental) -- Big Walter Horton
Reap What You Sow -- Mose Vinson
She Comes To See Me Sometime -- Joe Hill Louis
Sitting On A Poor Man's Throne -- Bobby Blue Bland
My Bottle Is My Companion -- Percy Mayfield
 Weekend Love -- Clarence Carter

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Luther Vandross -- I'll Get Along Fine

From one of Luther's two pre-soloist album Luther comes this track. Again, I have to thank ((Soultaker)) for pointing out this gem of an album to me. (Also see my previous post.)

R.I.P Luther 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Marvelows "In The Morning"

Thanks To Raggedy she reminded me of this song by The Marvelows.Here is their bio The Marvelows Raggedy posted this sung by the Sly Slick and The Wicked. I remembered it by the Marvelows who actually sung it in 1968. Here is their original version.

I like this version better, being a harmony freak I particularly like what the 1st tenor does at the end. I stated in the previous in the comments section that I thought that SL&W's harmony was better based on memory. I take that back The original (this one) is the better of the two. I'm torn on the lead singing, what do you think?

Sly, Slick and Wicked -- When The Morning Comes

John F. Wilson (Sly), Charles Still (Slick) and Marc Sexton (Wicked) founded their group in 1970 in Cleveland, Ohio. Their Stay My Love got Paramount Records interested, and in March 1971 they got signed to the label. Heavily promoted by Paramount as the "hottest newest group," Stay My Love made it to # 1 on different charts. Nevertheless, Marc Sexton left the group at that time and Terry Stubbs replaced him.
In 1973 James Brown, having heard the group's debut single as well as its follow-up, It's Not Easy, made them part of his "First Family of Soul." He then produced Sho Nuff, song written by the group; this song's success lead to an invitation to appear on Soul Train by the mighty Don Cornelius. 

Sho Nuff,  (People Records, 1973)

In 1974 they changed labels again, signing with the O'Jays owned Shaker Records. Once again, they released a hit with Turn On Your Lovelight. When Motown called via the Ju-par subsidiary, they of course moved again. There, in 1976, they released their first album Sly, Slick and Wicked. A second album for the label has never been released since Ju-par folded right after the first album had come out.

When they released All I Want Is You in 1979 for Epic, Sly, Slick and Wicked's star was already dimming.
The group kept performing into the 2000's while its members worked as songwriters and producers for such greats as the O'Jays, Janet Jackson (not so great lol) and Barry White.

The group clearly shows a way too obvious attempt to sound like the O'Jays -- which was not a good idea, in my opinion, simply because nobody will ever be able to come anywhere close to Walter Williams or Eddie LeVert. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Smooth Soul

Posted by Gua.......

The loss of true baritone singing bothers me, the loss of true smooth R&B irritates me. So I'm on a mission to point out to these musically deprived young-ins what good music is all about.
Miles Jaye is perhaps one of the last of the recent gifted baritones (with the exception of Will Downing), this cut is from the very hard, but now very expensive HERE to find CD entitled "Irresistible". This was released in 1989 just before the rise of melisma-crazed,nasal singing became the norm. but I digress, Enjoy the sound of smooth R&B!!

If you would like to listen to this on your computer Click here

Raggedy, Thank you for lettingmebemyself

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Maxine Brown -- I'm In Love

Here is a song that brings me to my knees when sung by Wilson Pickett. He, of course, had sung it convincingly enough to make his audience wonder if he really had just fallen in love.
The recording of the song by Maxine Brown is very nice, too.

Here's the one and only Wilson Pickett (glitter suit and all)

Here's Maxine's version.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Luther Ingram -- Run For Your Life

At the end of this month, Luther Ingram would have turned 73. Of course, there probably doesn't exist one single Soul music lover who does not know his signature song If Loving You Is Right (I Don't Want To Be Right). That song is as deep and southern as a song can get which isn't surprising at all since Luther was from Tennessee. That he could easily switch to the opposite pole of Soul, namely the Northern style, he shows in today's pick, Run For Your Life. You'll find the title on one of the many Northern Soul compilations; the album is called Totally Northern Soul - 25 Classic Forgotten Northern Oldies.

Get the compilation here

Thursday, November 4, 2010

John Lee Hooker (live) -- I'll Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive

Here comes J. L. Hooker -- and with him are Otis Spann on the piano. Muddy Waters, Sammy Lawhorn and Luther Johnson are playing some fine guitar tunes. Francis Clay on the drums and Mac Arnold plays the bass. This track is from a 1966 live recording at the Cafe au Go Go in New City. Recordings like these don't leave any doubt as to why the man became the legend he is.

John Lee Hooker - Live at the Cafe au Go-Go
    (New York City, August 30th, 1966)
     01 I'm Bad Like Jesse James.mp3
    02 She's Long, She's tall ( She Weeos Like A Willow Tree).mp3
    03 When My First Wife Left Me.mp3
    04 Heartaches and Misery.mp3
    05 One Bourbon, One Scotch And One Beer.mp3
    06 I Don't Want No Trouble.mp3
    07 I'll Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive.mp3
    08 Seven days.mp3

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Carrie Cleveland -- Love Will Set You Free

Wednesday needs to be a happy, hopping day.

Now this song gets me out of my chair and has me dance ... It's got that fantastic beat, and Carrie Cleveland's voice is captivating. Isn't it?

Tony Fox -- I Wanna Get Next To You

Today is election day -- please don't forget! No matter what party you're going to vote for, go cast your vote. And do it because YOU are convinced about doing the right thing -- don't let polls, papers or people influence your decision.

Okay back to the most important thing on earth:  M U S I C

Here's a title from yet another obscure artist: Tony Fox. I've never heard of him until I found this album on the Here Only Good Music blog.

Monday, November 1, 2010

George Jackson -- There Goes My Pride / Let Them Know You Care

George Jackson, born in Indianola, MS in 1945 was not only a great singer but also a prolific songwriter. Growing up the southern way, he was of course exposed to the finest Gospel singers, including Sam Cooke, The Soul Stirrers and The Staple Singers.
 Ike Turner had him record his first 45 in New Orleans: Won't Nobody Cha-Cha With Me. Jackson's first "recognisable" single came out in 1965 and was titled There Goes My Pride.

There Goes My Pride (Dot, 1965)
Let Them Know You Care (Hi Records, 1973)

(If you'd like to know more  about this outstanding artist, please go to Sir Shambling's website.)