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Monday, June 29, 2009

BET Synonym for Black Embarrassing Trash

Okay. I did it! I took a sneak peek at the BET awards via YouTube. Of course, I regretted it right away. What the heck, was that supposed to be?
Witnessing Beyonce's mutilating the [i]Ave Maria[i] made me wanna strangle her. She has a pleasant enough voice, but she should leave any remotely (vocally) challenging material alone.
I must say, though, she looked gorgeous in her corsette and with well compressed thighs. But -- they should have hired Susan Boyle to sing the Ave Maria. Beyonce is capable of putting as much emotion into her songs as my washer into its swish-swashs.
The highlight of the (three) clips I tried very hard to watch from beginning to end -- to no avail -- was -- I didn't believe my eyes: Bobbie Brown! Does he really think it is possible to turn back the hands of time? His appearance was embarrassing. No more, no less.

Okay: Here's my (absolutely unimportant but) heartfelt rating of the three clips I've seen:

(out of 5) Please add the one at the beginning of the post!

It not only hurt my eyes to see some old guys pretending they are teens again, but it also hurt my ears to listen to such bad singing. Do they really have to make clowns of themselves? That's how icons destroy their legacy ...

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