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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bobby Blue Bland -- Help Me Through The Day

Bobby "Blue" Bland owns a warm and cozy corner of my heart. (He lives right next door to Percy Sledge, so to speak.) His voice will forever be associated with a pivotal era of my life. Bobby sang the blues while the foundation for a future with my husband was laid ...  In case you're wondering -- I'm in a reminiscent mood because our wedding anniversary is just around the corner.
Today's pick is from his 1973 California album, Bobby's first album for the ABC-Dunhill label. It is definitely an outstanding production. There's not a single mediocre song on the entire album. It could easily be mistaken for a "Best of" release -- it's an album with excellent musicians, background vocals, and of course, Bobby's unique voice in its prime.
Get the album here!
I chose Help Me Through The Day for the simple reason that some of Bobby's songs are almost played to death, while other equally good songs don't get any air time at all.  Help Me Through The Day is one of the latter songs.
The strings and the guitars are absolutely fantastic. Okay, turn up the volume and listen to the man now ...

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