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Friday, January 7, 2011

Soultaker's Treasure Chest - Good Hennessy Music

Posted By Soultaker

I hope everyone had a safe holiday. I'm glad everything is back to normal and that I made it through the madness. Actually I had a great New Years. Got to give a shout out to DJ Prestige as he was DJing down at The Annex in Asbury Park. Me and my lady went down and brought in the New Year with him. Had a great time dancing to the tasty joints he was spinning and enjoying the overall good vibe down there. Check out his blog Flea Market Funk as he has plenty great mixes of his own there.

I've been in a Mellow My Man type vibe lately. Meaning I like to partake in one of my favorite beverages, in this case, some Hennessy and listen to some slow music. It could be some jazz or often times some good soul music. So today I'm going to give you a sample of what I call Some Good Hennessy Music.

So Grab Your Favorite Drink, Click Here And Enjoy

1. She's Lonely - Bill Withers - Columbia
2. Who's It Gonna Be - Honey Cone - Hot Wax
3. So Soon We Change - David Ruffin - Warner Bros.
4. Wind, Blow Her Back My Way - Syl Johnson - Hi
5. Don't Change Me Now - Mavis Staples - Volt
6. For Your Precious Love - The Invitations - Silver Blue Records
7. The Bitter End - Howard Tate - Atlantic
8. Castles Of Sand - Jermaine Jackson - Motown


Raggedy said...

Wowzers (smiles) This is some good stuff, Soultaker. Thank yo so much for the contribution.
I promised myself years and years ago never to drink any Cognac whatsoever anymore. I will enjoy your selection sipping on some Baileys.

Soultaker said...

Baileys works as well. As long as you are in good mellow mood, thats all that matters.

Gua said...

Great music Soultaker!!! I'm personally a Remy Martin person so I'll sip on that while I mellow out!!

Soultaker said...

Thanks Gua, my girlfriend loves Remy Martin.