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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Barbara Lewis -- Sho Nuff (It's Got To Be Your Love)

Barbara Lewis was as beautiful as she was talented. 

Every artist has his or her song that will always be their trademark. No doubt, for Barbara Lewis' it was her  Hello Stranger. She had written the title herself, and in 1963 this piece of sophisticated  seduction got lots of air time on radio stations -- and had made it into the pop charts. (The background vocals are by The Dells, btw.) But today, I'll post a not so popular song by her. 

Unfortunately, Barbara Lewis became one of the many artists who got swindled out of her fair share in her work. According to a bio on Pop History Dig "... despite her talents, Lewis’s share of the rewards for her music was not what it should have been, especially in the early years.  When she began her career, she was naïve about the business side of her music, and executives got most of the money.  Some of her royalty checks were sent to fictitious persons.  At one point, Lewis was given a check for $500, with her handlers telling her it was the best they could do."

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