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Friday, January 28, 2011

"Sir" Joe Quarteman and Free Soul -- So Much Trouble In My Mind / You Know It's True

Oy! I think it's time for me to quit this blogging thing. I keep finding notes all over the house (and now in my purse, too) with artists and song titles I've heard somewhere, sometime. I must have heard this title  when I was on the go. But I'm not sure, I think I actually heard it at Felix Hernandez Rhythm Revue ...  Taking notes at home, maybe while I am on the computer is okay. But jotting names down while I am "away from my desk" is a borderline obsessive, I fear.

Nevertheless, I followed up on the note: Joe Quarterman/So Much Trouble -- and was rewarded with a great find. I found an album, vintage 1973 by an artist that deserves attention. This is some fine Funk with its roots in James Brown's work.

This album addresses the social issues of the seventies, presenting modern American history in a package with contemporar music history. The group and album need to be re-introduced to today's Soul/Funk scene!

Doing my little research thingy, I found out that the group has a few more albums out. From their How High CD is the title You Know It's True, which could/should have been a dance hit. How High has some   outstanding material to offer besides a handful mediocre recordings. Occasionally, you'll find a song like You Know It's True where you may wonder if it's a remake or just a sound-alike. Do I know that song from KC and The Sunshine Band? Kool and The Gang? 
That said, however, all in all the group is definitely underrated. Yours old Raggedy says: Get their albums!

A group named Fred Leslie's Missing Link has recorded So Much Trouble ... Does anyone around here has a copy of their version, maybe? I also think I have heard Eli Paperboy Reed performing the piece -- not sure about it though, and I can't find anything by him. Help! It's driving me crazy not to know. 

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear those covers. So much trouble is a great track. Just discovered your blog - loving it. Thanks. W.

Raggedy said...

There is probably no cover by Eli Paperboy Reed -- I must have heard it in my mind lol That's what all that music can do to you.
Sawyer sent me the link to the intrumental version by Fred Leslie's Missing.