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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunbear -- Fantasy

To be honest, I think I've never seen an uglier cover than this record's. But it's the music that counts, and the music is definitely attractive. If you like Earth Wind and Fire, you will love today's track, Fantasy. It's from the groups 1977 self-titled album Sunbear. 
The Whispers covered this dreamy ballad in 1980 on their album Imagination, and in my opinion, Fantasy had all the makings of a hit, had it been released as a single. 
The Sunbear album was recorded for Soul Train Records, the label that Don Cornelius (you guessed it, the Soul Train host)  and Dick Griffey had founded in 1975, and it went out of print in 1978 when Soul Train Records ceased to exist.

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