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Saturday, August 28, 2010

AudioBlog#9 Randy Brown's Soul: Sensuous and Sensual

Today's AudioBlog is a little longer than usual. It shouldn't be too hard for you to guess the reason why. I think Randy Brown deserves all the air/blog time there is. His music puts me in a kind of Barry-White-mood. Only Randy approaches the subject with a less hyped-up masculinity and in a rather elegant and, may I say, more refined way than big old Barry Bear did.

Listen to Randy's Soul here
or here 


1. Smoking Room (Check It Out, Stax 1975)
2. We Ought To Be Doin' It (Itimately, Parachute 1979)
3. I Thought of You Today (Intimately, Parachute 1979) 
4. Too Little In Common (Welcome To My Room, Parachute 1978
5. Do It Baby (Welcome To My Room, Parachute 1978)
6. Crazy About You (Itimately, Parachute 1979)
7. Leave The Bridges Standing (Randy, Prachute 1981)

Individual tracks (FileFactory)

Randy Brown albums:

Randy (Chocolate City, 1981)
Midnight Desire (Chocolate City, 1980)
Intimately  (Parachute, 1978)
Welcome To My Room (Parachute, 1978)
Check It Out (Stax, 1975)

Get two of his albums here

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