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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bobby Blue Bland, Allen Toussaint -- St. James Infirmary


Like always, the Texan summer is killing me. If I go outside during the day, I might end up in some infirmary  with a heat stroke or dehydrated or whatever. No matter what, I'd rather not go outside. Only good thing about staying inside for most of the day is that I get to listen to a whole lot of music ...
So, this afternoon I heard one of my all-time favorite Blues songs in a version I had not heard before. And what can I say? It blew me away. Allen Toussaint's St. James Infirmary is a piece of art. Although, I still love Bobby's take on it, Allen steals the show with his interpretation -- at least for now. Bobby's musicians are first-rate, and he sings the song like nobody else does. 

St. James Infirmary (The Bright Mississippi, 2009)

Bobby Blue Bland

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