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Friday, August 20, 2010

Garnet Mimms -- I'll Make It Up To You

Garnet Mimms' greatest (and only hit) was Cry Baby, the song that later became a steady fixture in Janis Joplin's repertoire. He sang the original in 1963, and followed that fantastic song with plenty of other titles which were no less brilliant in my opinion. But they never reached hit status. One of these songs is I'll make It Up To You. This record does neither lack in Garnet's signature soulful urgent pleading nor in beautiful background vocals or a catchy arrangement. 
The track has been in my post-on-blog folder for quite a while, and since I am a little slow with my posts lately, I thought it would be appropriate to promise my blog followers that i'll make it up to them, so to speak, as soon as life gets back to normal here ... 

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