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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Soultaker's Treasure Chest -- A Bag o' Mighty Fine Tunes


1. Mighty Joe Hicks -- The Team (Enterprise)
2. Independents -- Can't Understand It (Wand)
3. Honey Cone -- Ace In The Hole (Invictus)
4. Eddie Kendricks -- Trust Your Heart (Tamla)
5.Dorothy Moore -- Dark End of the Street (Malaco)
6. Johnny Nash -- Don't Cry (JAD)
7. Sam & Dave -- Come Into My Life (United Artist)


Raggedy said...

Soultaker this is very good compilation. That Joe Hicks track has me try out the best (daring) dance moves in my repertoire. But seriously, I think this is a great combination. Dorothy Moore's "Dark End of the Street." It's so different from the usual bittersweet interpretations of the song.
Thanks. I enjoyed the music tremendously.

Soultaker said...

Thanks Raggedy,

I’m glad you enjoyed it.