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Friday, May 1, 2009

Reggae Time: John Holt "Tonight", "Touch Me In The Morning","I See Your Face"

I was not feeling very well for a couple days: I think I was suffering from -- no, not the swine flu -- but Reggae withdrawal symptoms ...
And since I'm not "the kind of girl who gives up just like that" I got to work right away and dug out some sweet Reggae.
I bet some of you are surprised to hear The Tide Is High sung by someone else than Blondie. In fact, it is a composition of John Holt, who started out with a group named The Paragons. So the song was around long before Blondie made it famous.

John Holt is from Kingston, Jamaica and he started his career at age 12 when he participated in various talent contests. His debut single, I Cried A Tear, was reacorded in 1963. He left The Paragons in 1970 to establish himself as a solo artist.

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