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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let's Get the Candles out ...

((Sawyer)) from Germany has some 90's music to contribute to the Love Fest at SOTS. Beautiful music, indeed. What is even more beautiful is that the songs he sent me remind us that love and what we asscociate with it does not change.

Candlelight is one such association.

There were candlelight dinners in the 1790's as well as in the 1990's. Lovers in antiquity wanted their beloved to stay around, wanted to kiss them and turn off the lights -- all for the sake of the same beautiful feeling we still cherish in the 21st century.

((Sawyer)) thanks for your songs! They are of timeless beauty.

Tonight's Candlelight Dinner For Two at Sounds of the Soul

Candle Light and You -- Keith Washington/Chante Moore

I Don't Want To Do Anything -- Mary J Blige/ K-Ci Hailey

Old raggedy, your ever loving hostess, recommends her favorite dessert plate

Stay -- The Temptations
Turn Off The Lights -- Teddy Pendergrass
Beautiful Feeling -- Ron Banks and The Dramatics

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