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Friday, March 6, 2009

The Soul That Reaches Deep, Deep Inside Us: Marvin Preyer: "What Can I Call My Own", Willie Hightower: "It's Too Late"

The minute I heard this guitar -- I was a goner. I don't know anything about this artist, nor have I ever heard him before or after I found this track. But I love me some good old-fashioned Deep Soul ... and that made the song a hit in my book.

Marvin Preyer: What Can I Call My Own

I found this Deep Soul collection that includes What Can I Call My Own.

Willie Hightower is definitely better known than Marvin Preyer. In this song it is the Hammod Organ I was instantly intrigued with. Of course, Willie's voice is not bad either ... 

Willie Hightower: It's Too Late

Here's a link to an earlier post about Willie Hightower.

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