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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lou Courtney -- The Common Broken Heart


Why is it that so many excellent artists have to be discovered by music lovers instead of being presented to them? I came across Lou Courtney -- you guessed it -- via a music blog first. His album  I'm In Need Of Love  (originally released 1974) has been re-released in 2006 by the Soul Brothers label, and it is a stunner, so to speak. The music reflects mood and flavor of the 70's as I've rarely seen it. And -- it is not one of these albums with two exquisite tracks that redeem the mediocre rest -- each and everyone of the songs is liable to become a favorite of yours. 
Lou used to sing with the Fifth Dimension between 1978 and 1979.

Instant favorite of mine from the album was The Common Broken Heart.

I know I have a thing about heart-break songs, but this one is too good to skip: Just To Let Him Break Your Heart

And here is a track by Lou from his earlier recordings (to help you forget about the heartaches)


Darcy said...

Lou Courtney is a relatively new discovery for me too. What Do You Want Me To Do/Beware on a 45 was my introduction to him a few years ago.
I probably found this album on the same blog as you. I agree a strong album throughout. Larry has posted a mix of Lou's earlier recordings on his Funky16Corners Radiocast. I expect you've found that too. Lou has a long list of tracks on my itunes now and it struck me just recently that I really like them all. Another soul artist that has been under the radar for too long.

Raggedy said...

I heard Larry's Radiocast, and I couldn't believe it was the same Lou Courtney whom I posted about. He def. underwent a drastic change.
Listening to this album takes me straight back to the 70's( when I was a tiny, little baby -- ahem.)