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Friday, March 13, 2009

The Kelly Bros. aka The Kingpins: "I'm Falling In Love Again", "You're The Most"

Finding this clip on YouTube made my day! I love the Kelly Brothers ... and seeing them perform with such fervor just got me in the mood for the good ol' music. Yeaaaaaaah-a-yay!

The Kelly Brothers, aka The Kingpins, are one more example for Mississippi's extraordinary "productivity" regarding musicians. They were rooted deep in the Gospel tradition of the South -- and their music shows it, of course.
As the Kingpins they scored one hit, It Won't Be This Always, in 1963 and another one as The Kelly Bros. in 1966, I'm Falling In Love Again.
In the 70's they returned to their Gospel roots.

Falling In Love Again

Your The Most

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