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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

George Smith -- Don't Find Me Guilty

Here's a man with as common a name as there could be: Smith, George Smith. But what a surprise it was hearing his absolutely uncommon voice. Unfortunately, I don't know anything (as I often do) about him or his career. All I can say is that the album from which the track is was released in 1984 for BoJo Records. I found it on one of my blog excursions a while ago, and I think George Smith deserves a little attention.
His rendition of Human -- my favorite Chuck Jackson song -- is extremely impressive.

PS: SENDING OUT AN SOS TO MARC! I know you'll find something about this artist ... 


Marc said...

Hi Inge,

Coming to the rescue.

George Smith was lead singer for Ray Richardson's edition # 6 of the new 'INK SPOTS' (including Ray Richardson;Matt McKinney,Al Williams)
Billboard August 14,1965



Dramatic soulful performance serves as an exciting debut of both the artist and the label that should get both of them on the chart.

George Smith - 'I've Had It'/'When Love Turns To Pity' (TURNTABLE TT-713) 19??

George Smith - 'Born Again'/'Pretty Little Girl' (LAURIE LR 3263) 1964

George Smith - 'I'm Only Human' (BOJO RECORDS LP M300) 1984


Raggedy said...

Thank you once more! I was quite sure you were the right person to ask ...

Carolyn Robinson said...

I was so happy to come across your page. I've known George for many years. The song Human was originally sung by Tommy Hunt. I remember George singing Human at the Apollo and bringing the house down. Carolyn Bellinger Robinson