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Monday, March 14, 2011

Enchantment -- Don't Fight The Feeling

Enchantment is best known for their mid-seventies hits Gloria and Sunshine which reached numbers 5 and 3 resp. on the U.S. R 'n B charts. Today's song is from their 1984 album Utopia,  and it made it to number 64 on the charts. In 1978, they scored a number 1 with It's You That I Need.
You'll find their albums here, and I would recommend checking out the Golden Classics CD. Utopia, in my opinion, is 80's through and through except for Don't Fight The Feeling.


Tonton Décibel !!! said...

hot lp from the band ,

on the french label ' vogue'
you can catch the rare long version from 'dance to the music'
more than 6'! not on the us rec

Raggedy said...

Hi Tonton! Thanks for the tip. Got to check and see where I can find it.