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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Colwell-Winfield Blues Band -- How Blue Can You Get (live)


Now, I've read a few critiques concerning the album from which today's track has been taken. Some of the negative evaluations claim that the live recordings are vastly inferior to the group's studio recordings. They also claim that the new lineup was not as good as the original one. I couldn't agree less.
Although only two (I think) original members featured on the 1968 Cold Wind Blues album are present at this live recording, I can't say I like the 1971 lineup less. Colwell plays a cool blues on his guitar, and the vocals are as blues-y as they come. The other original group member, Chuck Purro, works the drums to my fullest satisfaction. Add to this the tangible live atmosphere -- and you end up with a fine record.
The album Live Bust was recorded at the Phoenix Coffee House in Boston which was closed down by the police after the performance. The announcement that "the  police has just closed the club" can be heard on the last track ...
The Colwell-Winfield Blues Band has opened for Led Zeppelin and the group was "most of the band that played on [Led Zeppelin's] Moondance."

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