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Friday, March 18, 2011

Al Green(e) -- A Lover's Hideaway

From his debut album Back Up Train (Hot Line Records, 1967) is today's choice, A Lover's Hideaway. The album is like crown jewel among the late 60's soul recordings in my opinion.  It is amazing to hear Al Green(e)  before he signed with Hi Records -- before his singing was defined by that Record label.
I also noticed that there are a few songs on this album where his voice clearly sounds like David Ruffin's in the high range. And it so amazing that at the "tender" age of 21 he already sounded like he did decades later.
I love this album, although learned critics claim the songs are formulaic and dismiss it as a compilation of luke warm soul songs. So what? I love such songs as A Lover's Hideaway and What's It All About. I do admit, however, that I never listen to music with my ears alone ...

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