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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Terry Huff & Special Delivery -- I Destroyed Your Love (part 1), Come Back With Your Love

Good news! Raggedy's kitchen is finished -- to perfection, I'd like to add. Today was the first day in weeks that no contractor walked around in my house. Halleluja! On top of it, the weather was as wonderful as it could be on a fall day in San Antonio. Of course, I saddled ol' Blitz and headed for The Shops at La Cantera. I had an Ali Ollie disc in the CD player, the sun roof open -- and life was wonderful.  It was so beautiful just walking around, I almost forgot the shopping.

That, however, has nothing to do with my post today. Well -- maybe it is related in that I was in a mellow mood all afternoon caused by all the new found post-kitchen-remodeling freedom ... And Terry Huff is one wonderful mellow soft-voiced singer.

Terry Huff and his Special Delivery enjoyed a short time in the spot light in 1976. Their first hit, I Destroyed Your Love, was written by Terry. The song was split into two parts to make for both sides of a 45. It was only moderately successful, however. As so many other masterpieces before it, it was undeservedly so. The song's longevity proves that it is a timeless gem still being played regularly on contemporary radio stations.
Terry's falsetto voice is as clear and sweet as a falsetto can be -- at times reminiscent of the great Glenn Leonard's perfect voice, in my opinion. Just listen to Terry at around 0:25 on Come Back With Your Love!
The music is typically 70's -- sweet and full and passionate.
(Can you tell I like the group?)
Terry also wrote The Lonely One, which reached the Soul Top Ten in almost no time. Yet, at the time of their great success, the group was already disintegrating, and the album The Lonely One that followed the single was reportedly recorded by Terry, his brother, and Al Johnson who had been writing for and producing Special Delivery.
Special Delivery and Terry split over the song writing credit for I Destroyed Your Love which names Terry Huff as the sole writer.


Come Back With Your Love (part 1)

I Destroyed Your Love (part 1)
For comparison Glenn's falsetto on the Temptations' In A Lifetime from their 1977 album 
Hear To Tempt You (track: courtesy of Aba21).

Get the album here.

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