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Friday, November 6, 2009

Soft, Creamy, Velvety ...

Okay ladies and gentlemen. Here's a new challenge for you (just in case you lack everyday challenges). I was getting a much wanted, much yearned for, much appreciated album today from G-Man. An event that made my day. I'm talking about Joe Simon's 1981 album Glad You Came My Way, and while I was literally soaking in the sound of Joe's adorable voice, I thought I could start a new event. Kind of the Love Fest we just had a while ago.
This time I would like to ask you to send in songs, video clips or links to material by your favorite soft, creamy, velvety-voiced singer. If you can find a female singer with such a voice -- please, please let me know. There's really none I could think of at the moment.

Here's the title track of the album, Glad You Came My Way. Close your eyes, lean back and enjoy Joe Simon dishing up the cream.

Magnolia is a song by Joe Simon I haven't heard before. I loved it at first sight/listen.

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