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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Life Is A Good Thing!

"... Life is a good thing ..." How true that line rings with the news of mass shootings, mass murder, and gang rape for a backdrop.
If we all could stop a moment and reflect on how quick the life we live can be changed -- forever -- through a traumatic event that scars our minds and souls seriously enough to wipe out the happiness from our lives.
None of the victims and their loved ones -- I'm quite sure of it -- did ever imagine to be touched by these tragedies. And yet, it happened to them. It scares me to think that we all are so vulnerable and completely exposed to the whims of the evil in human disguise.

So, let's life be a good thing -- at least as long as we are in the driver's seat ourselves.

A good advice: Alexander Patton -- Make The Best Of What You Got

Don't forget that you would not know how good the sweet tastes, if you didn't know how bad the bitter tastes. The Bitterness of Life -- Bruce Ruffin.

Teddy Pendergrass wraps it up with Life Is A Song Worth Singing

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