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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Deep Soul Saturday!

Alright! It's time for another dip into Raggedy's Deep Soul collection.

After I Shed A Tear -- Mary Holmes
Baby Oh Baby -- Charles Greene
Say You Will -- Willie Small
Some Man's Woman (part 1) -- Sammy Roberson



Anonymous said...
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Darcy said...

You've been busy lately!

I love all of these. Are they all on the same CD because they aren't on the one you pictured? (I may be wrong, but I am assuming you haven't got them on vinyl).

I also want to thankyou for Joe Simon's Magnolia which I hadn't heard before.

(Hope the kitchen is up straight with Thanksgiving just around the corner!)

Raggedy said...

I am trying to post on a regular basis -- which is hard at times because life keeps interfering quite often lately.
The tracks in this post are selected randomly from my playlists. But thanks for bringing this to my attention: I shall not post a CD cover just for decoration, so to speak.
I am so glad you like "Magnolia." I consider it a gem that needed to be brought to light, so it can sparkle.
Kitchen is finished finally ...