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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Revelation: "Without Love", "I Never Forget Your Eyes", "It's That Time Again", "What Good Am I"

(Cover of Revelation 1980, LP available at DustyGrooveAmerica. )

"A silky New York group that never got their due despite a fair amount of support ..." (
And I could not agree more to that statement. To be honest, I was swept away when I first heard What Good Am I (Without You). The deeply emotional, yet well measured, singing and skillful harmonizing had me wonder why I've never heard the group before. (I found their LP's over at jc's sogoodmusic blog). Although most of their material is from the latter part of the seventies and early 80's, the feeling is pure 70's. Listening to the mp3 tracks, I was trying to imagine how the music would sound on vinyl. I bet it sounds fantastic.

Without Love
I Never Forget Your Eyes
It's That Time Again
What Good Am I

There's only one question -- why in this world did they cover "Yellow Submarine?" Okay, there are some more fillers, but I guess one has to take the bitter with the sweet.

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