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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

From the Deep Soul Department: Sam Dees

I've posted about Sam Dees a while ago. He is another great vocalist who never achieved the fame he certainly deserves. When I heard his version of It's All Wrong (But It's All Right), I was even more convinced that he definitely belongs to the best. (My favorite version is by Percy Sledge.) The second track by Sam Dees, After All is the example of singing at its best. If you shouldn't be convinced by these two tracks, just listen to So Tied Up from his album The Show Must Go On. In this song he shows off the many facets of his voice.
I do recommend his albums; they belong into the collection of a sophisticated soul fan.

Fly, Angel Fly I had to put this clip up. I don't have the record, though. This voice is fascinating!


Darcy said...

Hey - welcome back to the bloggers club!

Agree with you on Sam Dees. A great songwriter too. Dees in the credits usually means quality.

I'm intending to post a track of his soon, which I'm guessing is from the same era as this one.

Raggedy said...

Thanks for the wb!

Yes, Sam Dees is one of the many artists who languish in obscurity quite undeservedly. I discovered him only a while ago myself, and I am a fan ever since.