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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Soul and Germany

German filmmaker Fatih Akin is one of the stars of European cinema. His gritty dramas about Turkish immigrants in Germany have earned him accolades at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as an Oscar nomination.
But from the very first beats of his latest film Soul Kitchen, you know you're not in for an evening of European art-house fare. ...      (NPR)

I was just listening to NPR while fixing dinner -- and what can I say? The story felt so real to me. I was thinking all the time how true the the descriptions and explanations rang to me. Here I am 30-some years after finding my own home (both musically and psychologically) in Soul music, someone from a totally different generation describes the same thoughts and feelings I had when I was young. As an extra the narrator found his cultural home in Soul music, which is the most powerful statement about music, I ever heard.
Of course, the story might be a bit more important to me as a native of Germany than to anyone else here, but it is definitely describing how music builds bridges and shelters and even homes.

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