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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Melba Moore -- We're Living To Give

Falling is from Melba's 1982 album, On The Other Side Of The Rainbow. Her voice still has the youthful sound, although the few years between these two song have smoothed out the girlish pitch that is noticeable in the 1970 song We're Living To Give (from I Got Love, Mercury)

The next video clip is Melba Moore'live in 2009 The woman sounds better in such an amateur recording than many of today's hyped up stars in the studio. And just in case you can't see -- she needs no light show to sell her singing. I would treat all the Beyonce-, Rihanna-, Madonna- shows for one Melba show.  


Gua said...

Glad to see that you have found Melba Moore. She is an outstanding talent. I love her voice!!! You can't perform on broadway and not be doesn't work like that at all. Melba has been around for quite sometime and had a number of hits in the 80's. As you can see she still has the "chops".
You also might want to check out Stephanie Mills....another angelic voice from broadway.

Raggedy said...

I meant to post Melba's music for a long time -- but I got derailed by all the major 60's and 70's artists, I think. Fact is that I love her voice and the style and class she radiates. I am still exploring her material and I will post more from/about her as soon as I know more about her music.