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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Temptations -- Memories vs. The Manhattans -- The Way We Were (Memories)

I came across the wonderful version of this song by the great Manhattans a few days ago -- never even knew they'd covered it. Since the Temptations version has always been one of my favorites by them, I (of course) had to listen to them back to back. Result: I can't decide which one I like best.
P.S.: The Manhattans actually combined the first strophe of the Tempts "Memories" with "The Way We Were", using it at the beginning and the end of their version. So, it's not a cover of the song; more like a partial cover. But I like the way the Manhattans sing this part better than the Tempts' version. (Thanks Darcy)

"Wish that I could wind

Like a spiral stair through time
To your body next to mine
Warm and satisfied
Wish that I could catch
A night train to the past
Climb aboard and hear you ask
Darling come inside ..."

The Temptations with Dennis as lead

The Manhattans


Darcy said...

I'm a bit confused because these are not the same songs? Did the Tempts ever do a version of The Way We Were?

Both lovely songs but that Temptations song is just wonderful!

BTW you are now one of my Twelve Red Roses.

And I love the snowflakes. Have a great Christmas.

Raggedy said...

You're absolutely right --I should have said "the first strophe" of the Temptations' Memories and the way the Manhattans combined it with the "The Way We Were" in the beginning and at the end. I like the way they sing it better than I like the Tempts version.
I think I need to take a break ... I'm getting sloppy with my posts.
Sorry -- and thank you for responding.

Raggedy said...

Wow -- Thank you for the introduction to your Twelve Roses Club. I'm genuinely honored!

Darcy said...

No probs - us Soulies have to stick together.

And I was a) so hung up on playing and re-playing the Temptations' track, and b) blinded by the fact that the Manhattans had covered The Way We Were, that I had not noticed that the intro-outro of The Manhattans track borrowed the lyrics from the Temptations!

PS: looks like you have a DivShare problem, or is it me that has a DivShare problem, not exactly sure how these things work.