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Friday, December 18, 2009

Chuck Jackson -- Human, I Can't Break Away, Slowly But Surely

Dammit! That's what I said about 10 seconds into this song. I've always loved Chuck Jackson's voice. But when I heard this track, my heart was beating a little faster than it normally does: Chuck really puts quite some emotions into his delivery of Human. 
Like so many artists, Chuck Jackson is associated with a couple of well-known (and well worn) songs, such as Any Day Now and Tell Her I'm Not Home, while he had much more good material beside these popular titles.
I particularly like his 1974 album Through All Times from which both tracks are taken. His voice seems to have mellowed when he recorded the album, but he still sounds -- and sings -- better than many a top-selling artist of this era.

Human (Any Day Now, 1962)

I Can't Break Away 

Slowly But Surely

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