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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Phillip Mitchell -- That's What A Man Is For

Yeah. Yeah. That's what men usually tell us women -- and then, when you really, really need them because a storm rages outside and the lights go out, and you are afraid the roof over your head will go "up up and away," he's somewhere on a business trip, returning of course the day after the storm ... 
Last night was one long stormy nightmare. On the other hand, that storm took care of some of the yard work I was getting ready to do. 

Today's post is from Hi Records: The 45's Collection (Disc 2) Phillip Mitchell began his career in the late 50's singing with The Checkmates and The Premiers. (The Checkmates' are best known for their hymn to the beauty of black women, Black Pearl.) Phillip Mitchell released several albums on the Atlantic and Ichiban labels as well as  a few singles. 

This is actually a fovorite of mine by Phillipp Mitchell ...

Okay, here is today's pick now. 

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