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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tony Fox -- I Wanna Get Next To You

Today is election day -- please don't forget! No matter what party you're going to vote for, go cast your vote. And do it because YOU are convinced about doing the right thing -- don't let polls, papers or people influence your decision.

Okay back to the most important thing on earth:  M U S I C

Here's a title from yet another obscure artist: Tony Fox. I've never heard of him until I found this album on the Here Only Good Music blog.


Soultaker said...

Wow, I didn't know Tony Fox had ever recorded a album. A rare artist. I have a 45 by him("I've Been Searchin"/"Why Did You Lie To Me" on Tri_Spin Records) and didn't know if he had ever recorded anything else. Learn something new everyday.

Raggedy said...

((Soultaker)) ... That's what we elders are here for: to teach you young-ones. lol