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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lou Rawls "Your Good Thing"

Lou Rawls is perhaps the quintessential R&B artist. Although he is probably most remembered for his time with Philly International, Lou was an established artist long before he found wide fame and acceptance with Gamble and Huff. See his full history Lou Rawls Bio
I didn't know that he had a 4 octave range, wow. I think of him as a superb baritone who's phrasing and legendary sound is immediately recognized and is unsurpassed in the music industry.
This is a song released 1969 that I absolutely love "Your Good Thing" Listen to the pathos and earnestness that Lou conveys.

If you would like to hear it on your computer Click here


Raggedy said...

((Gua)), you are so right when you say that Lou conveys "earnestness" in this song. He sounds as if he were sitting right next to me, talking to me -- authentic and real. No drama, but serious talk.
There's only one other song that makes me feel like this one, and that is Bobby Womack's "Facts Of Life."
These songs seem to transport me straight into a real scene where I'm having such a conversation with someone about the issue at hand ...
Thanks for this great post.

Gua said...

Yeah, Lou has that ability to connect you with the song and lyrics. I think that is what made him so special.
Once again, thankyouforletmebmyself!!!

Anonymous said...

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