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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Marvelows "In The Morning"

Thanks To Raggedy she reminded me of this song by The Marvelows.Here is their bio The Marvelows Raggedy posted this sung by the Sly Slick and The Wicked. I remembered it by the Marvelows who actually sung it in 1968. Here is their original version.

I like this version better, being a harmony freak I particularly like what the 1st tenor does at the end. I stated in the previous in the comments section that I thought that SL&W's harmony was better based on memory. I take that back The original (this one) is the better of the two. I'm torn on the lead singing, what do you think?


Raggedy said...

((Gua)) ... Taht is fantastic. I found something on
Do you think that's them?

Raggedy said...

Okay ... Everything's clear now.

Gua said...

Wow, we are posting almost simultaneously!!

Raggedy said...

Okay, I agree with you 100% on the harmonizing. The Marvelows sound as smooth as it can possibly get. Also, their version actually sounds more authentic -- in a way.
The lead singing? I'd say, the Sly, Slick ... lead is better, but, as I said in the original post, he tries too hard to copy the O'Jays sound.
The original lead does not stand out as well as the cover version's; he sounds more like a very strong back ground vocal. That's how I as a lay person would describe it ... All in all, this is a true gem, ((Gua)). Thanks.
These are the moments that make music blogging so fascinating.

bookoo said...

Butter, butter, butter...spun around the ranges of voice...everything will be all right when the mornin' old anthem, mindful that we got past just another lonely night...facing another one, if we're lucky, in the Nam.

bookoo said...

Butter, butter, butter...spun like a dream...everything's going to be all right when the mornin' comes...following just another lonely night...facing another one...if we're the Nam