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Friday, March 19, 2010

Johnnie Taylor -- Sending You A Kiss ...

"... put it where you want it, baby." There's not much left to say about J. T. He was of the rare breed of singers who could sing anything and sound fantastic. Johnnie sang the Blues and came across convincingly. He sang Soul and R&B and had no problems being considered a true soul man. There haven't been too many of his kind around -- and they're getting awfully rare lately.
Anyway, I was driving down I-10 yesterday to do some Spring shopping, and J. T. was in the CD player. The song that really, really had me want to drive non-stop to Paris (or maybe Rome) to go shopping in style, was Sending You A Kiss. And that's why I'm posting it today. 

Sending You A Kiss -- Btw., isn't that a bass to die for? Turn the volume up and enjoy!


Darcy said...

"... could sing anything and sound fantastic." You're so right there.

One of my first soul albums was a sort of Greatest Hits of JT. Used to play it and play it.

Raggedy said...

I discovered J.T. relatively late, to be honest. And I never knew what a huge repertoire this man had to offer -- especially his Blues titles are so interesting.