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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Odia Coates -- Don't Leave Me In The Morning

Odia Coates is best known for her recordings with Paul Anka (Having My Baby, One Man Woman/One Woman Man). As a soloist, however, she was not blessed with a successful career. Her best known solo work may be You Come And You Go, written by Paul Anka. She also sang with John Denver on his famous Country Road.
My personal favorite by her is Don't Leave Me In The Morning, a song that shows the different shades  of her beautiful, expressive voice.   
She was born in Vicksburg Miss., but as a child moved to California. Sadly enough, she died of breast cancer at age 49 in 1991. May her soul rest in peace.
Don't Leave Me In The Morning


Alejandro said...

I was searching for this song since a long time ago and only you has it for dowload, thanks a lot! best regards!

Raggedy said...

((Alejandro)) you are very welcome! I hope this song brings a smile on your face each time you hear it!