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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Johnny Nash -- The Very First Time

Johnny Nash's natural tenor is the kind of voice that thrills me with its clear, clean high pitch that is just soft enough to avoid any sharp edges. I think the song I am posting today was exactly the kind of material he should have been singing more often. Okay, his voice may be reminiscent of Desmond Dekker's who became a Reggae legend despite his way too sweet voice for that genre. But Johnny's voice lacks something -- I can't quite figure out what it is -- that snuggly fits the Reggae mold, so to speak. Maybe it's only the missing accent?
The Very First Time is a beautiful Pop/Soul/Reggae piece that seems to be tailor-made for Johnny's singing style and voice.
I love the romantic aura of the song, created by the subtle acoustic guitar and electric piano sounds.
Is this a girl thing? What do the guys say?

The Very First Time (Celebrate Life, 1974)

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