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Monday, January 11, 2010

Dennis Edwards Special!

Dennis Edwards has one of the most powerful voices ever! When I found this clip of him at work in the studio, I knew it was time for a(nother) special on him.
I won't write much about him, because he is well-known and doesn't need much words to prove what a fine singer he is. His singing tells it all ...
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This is the clip is showing what it takes to be the perfectionist professional Dennis is.
Young Dennis with The Contours (center, background) Do You Love Me
You're My Aphrodisiac

This is one hell of a rendition of the great Temptations' song! Just listen to David Sea -- he is absolutely fantastic! Dennis Edwards and The Temptations Review: Let It Rain live

In the studio clip above, the song Mary Ann is mentioned (from The Tempts 1976 Wings of Love album) I think I should include the track in this Special because Dennis is definitely doing a fantastic job  on that album.

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