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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Clay Hammond -- No One Else Would Do

Are you ready for a deepie or two? Here comes Clay Hammond. And isn't he noy-ce to women?

No One Else Would Do

"Clay Hammond may be best remembered as the author of Little Johnny Taylor's huge soul hit, "Part Time Love." He was also a decent Sam Cooke-style soul singer in his own right, however, who recorded for various labels in the 1960s. His most well-known efforts from that time are the four singles he did for Kent between 1966-69. These mixed Southern soul, gospel, and blues styles, yet also had a somewhat lighter and poppier production aura than much Southern soul, perhaps because they were recorded in Los Angeles. All eight songs from these 45s, as well as eight others that were recorded but not released in the 1960s, appear on the Ace CD Southern Soul Brothers, which also includes ten tracks recorded for Kent around the same time by fellow soul vocalist Z.Z. Hill. Hammond recorded sporadic singles and albums for various labels after the 1960s, in addition to singing in the lineups of groups such as the Drifters and the Rivingtons on the oldies circuit."
(Biography by Richard Underberger)


Max said...

thanks Great Ballad

Raggedy said...

Hi Max!
Thanks for stopping by! There are so many wonderful songs out there that never, ever got their props.
This is one of them.