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Monday, October 26, 2009

Matumbi -- Law of the Land


Some very soulful Reggae from Matumbi, a group from the UK.

Law of the Land is my favorite Tempts song of the post David Ruffin era. I was quite surprised to hear such a good Reggae cover of it. Law of The Land actually was the song that made me curious about the music of the Temptations and had me look into their repertoire. I've heard Matumbi for the first time today, and I know I will be looking for more material by this group with such a unique style.

Matumbi is one of the early British Reggae bands that never managed to break into the US market. They formed in 1972 in London. At that time Jamaican roots Reggae was on its way to the top. The Reggae Matumbi played was tailored to the taste of the British scene emphasizing the softer more soulful style laced with a touch of Pop. They are considered pioneers who prepared the British audience for the arrival of lots of new Reggae groups.

Have a reggaeful Monday you all!

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