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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Slickers: "Johnny Too Bad", Toots and The Maytals: "Reggae Got Soul"

I'm just in the Reggae mood today; and I found a silly enough YouTube clip to make me laugh so hard that I decided to turn off the radio for the rest of the day and just let the crisis be a crisis ... Let the president and his staff handle the b.s. by themselves (at least for today). Tomorrow they'll get all the advice from me they need -- if only they'd asked me for it. 

Well -- the clip's sound is a little less than perfect for sure; the producer may have been somewhat unfocused (or something in that direction.) But watching it, was too much fun not to share with you folks. 
(Links can be found in the comments section/Link ist in der Kommentarsektion zu finden.)

The second clip is a recording of one of my favorite Reggae tunes: Reggae Got Soul by Toots and The Maytales. 

Absolutely great music, in my opinion! From the moment I first heard Reggae (way back in the day), I felt that it was loaded with soul ...

Von Toots und den Maytals gibt's eine Menge CD's. There are plenty of CD's by Toots and his Maytals available. 

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