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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shirley Brown: "You'll Never Ever Know", The Kelly Bros.:"Falling In Love Again"

Today's titles are taken from the compilation album The Heart of Southern Soul. The first title is a beautiful "lost-love" song sung by the great Shirley Brown.

I love the intensity of Shirley's voice, which has a strong Gospel flavor to it, and which in this piece is skillfully echoed by the saxophone.  

I just love Shirley.

Shirley Brown, You'll Never Ever Know (mp3)

The Kelly Bros. Falling In Love Again is a plain yet beautiful song. Maybe its beauty lies in the simplicity of the melody and the plain soulful singing. In this song, too, the saxophone plays a supporting part to the voices, although a little more playful than in the first song. That does not come as a surprise, however, because falling in love is so much easier and uplifting than falling out of it again ... 

The Kelly Bros., Falling In Love Again (mp3)

I do recommend the The Heart of Southern Soul compilation for everyone who loves the uncomplicated sound of good ol' soul music as sung by Otis Redding or Arthur Conley for example.  

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