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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jimmy Jackson "(Can't Live) Without You"

(l.: Jimmy Jackson, Album cover, Rollin' Dice)

A long while ago I found a wonderful cover of Without You -- the famous Nilsson song. But -- I didn't know who the singer was. Finally, I found out who he is -- or rather what his name is. Unfortunately, I couldn't dig up any info on this outstanding artist.

Ever since I've heard this version, I loved it. And I mean loved it! Just listen to it, and you'll understand why. Jimmy Jackson's delivery of the classic love song is quite intense, and if you ever have lost someone you loved, you know that this is how it looks inside someone facing a tremendous loss.

Without You live version by Nilsson


Kan Jackson said...


I am first very happy you love this version of this song. Jimmy Jackson is my late father (4/30/2003). I had the pleasure of hearing him sing this his final time for my brother's wedding. It just floored me when I stumbled upon this site and that people still enjoy his voice. Unfortunately he sang for my wedding (Romeo & Juliet) on CD, but it made it seem as though he was there in spirit!Thanks for being a fan.

Raggedy said...

Hi Kan,

thanks for your comment. I can only assure you that your father's voice will always be enjoyed and treasured as very special. There are not many artists who are able to touch people's souls as Jimmy Jackson did. I keep listening to this song and "Rolling Dice" quite often.
Artists like your father make it worthwhile blogging about music -- finding his material was like finding a hidden treasure.
Btw. "Romeo and Juliet" is a great track!