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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Linda Jones -- If Only (We Had Met Sooner)

Although this gifted singer had only 28 years to live, she left her unmistakeable mark on many soul singers who came after her. The way of spreading a  syllable over several notes, using a technique called melisma, became her trademark. And
Linda Jones (Jan. 14, 1944 - March 14, 1972). At the age of six, she joined her family's gospel group, the Jones Singers, and in 1963 she released her first record,Lonely Teardrops, as Linda Lane for Cub Records. Success eluded her until she signed up with Loma Records in 1967 where she released her biggest hit,Hypnotized.
Unfortunately, she was not able to enjoy her breakthrough; she died way too young of complications from diabetes.

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