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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Old Skool, New Tool -- Tasha Taylor

Tasha Taylor is the daughter of the great Johnnie Taylor, and I think her dad left her with all the talent he had himself. Just see for yourself.  This young lady has it in her blood.
I wish her all the best and that she'll be very successful.


Blue Escorpio said...

Hi Inge,

Thanks for reminding me of TT.It's been some time since I bumped into Tasha in a concert video of her dad.They performed a duet on Luther Ingram's 'Ain't That Lovin' You',and at the end of the show she joined in with the backing singers for 'Disco Lady'.
I was blown away by her vocal prowess and beauty.I went straight onto 'YouTube', which proved to be a total let down.(the PC home recording clips)
In the mean time she's added the clips you're featuring today,these are a pleasure for the ears and the eye.The Christmas clip has my pulse racing but then.... sniffffff....what a sad story...sniffff...

You got good taste!


Raggedy said...

I couldn't agree more with your opinion on Tasha. And we are not alone with your racing heart -- there's at least one more gentleman who described such an experience ... lol
((Soultaker)) actually sent me the link to Tasha's Christmas song. I just love her voice. One thing, though, I do not like. That is her overemphasizing her sex appeal. I don't think she needs to do that; I can see all the vocally less gifted singers like Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Britney and whoever else having to sell themselves as vamps. But Tasha, in my opinion, has enough voice to grab anyone's attention.
She is simply good. Let's hope we get to hear more of her music ...
As to the Christmas song: what a sorry a** guy! lol

Stretch said...

I've never heard of this artist, but I'm glad you introduced me to her. This is a prime example of what most blogs like this is trying to do!

Raggedy said...

@Stretch: that is what I have in mind. I want to keep the music of the 60's and 70's playing. And when ever so often a new artist knows how to use his or her talent to do the same, they need to be supported.
They are the artists that are truly talented and deserve all the exposure there is ...
Thanks for stopping by!